Korean painter, Kim Hyun Jung progresses lecture that spreads out 'valuable wisdom' through various contents and planning.

  • [The World Women Economic Forum] Sebitseom, Banpo, Seoul, Korea

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    [The World Women Economic Forum] Sebitseom, Banpo, Seoul, Korea

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  • [Introduction to Creative Sumukhwa] Yongin University Yongin, Korea

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    [Introduction to Creative Sumukhwa] Yongin University Yongin, Korea

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  • [Introductory Korean Traditional Painting] Kyunghee University, Seoul, Korea

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    [Introductory Korean Traditional Painting] Kyunghee University, Seoul, Korea


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  • [Artist Kim Hyun-Jung]Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

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    [Artist Kim Hyun-Jung]Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

    [Artist Kim Hyun-Jung]Metropolitan  Museum of Art in New York


    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, My name is Hyun Jung Kim. What did you think about the clip? I am a Korean artist and the painter of “Story of Feign” series.

    Some of you may question why I paint Hanbok in particular.Hanbok, has a long history going back to one thousand and six-hundreds years.I want to be one of many who preserves Korean tradition by wearing and painting Hanbok.The uniqueness that only Hanbok can have is what made me so passionate about my work. 

    I’ve been attracted to Hanbok with no specific reason since I was a little girl.Whenever my mom wore Hanbok at a family event or a wedding, she looked so special and elegant to me.I played with my mom’s Hanbok, hiding under her skirt, and I felt it was snug and wide inside.I began to wonder what’s underneath other’s Hanbok skirts.To me, Hanbok represented beauty and warmth, but at the same time, it represented mystique.With this in mind, I naturally started to put Hanbok on a canvas. 

    Now, I want to show you my work.By looking at this elegant and somewhat mystical Hanbok, I hope I can share the feelings of what I had as a child. This is my first painting. I try to communicate through my paintings and depicted myself as a pretentious woman, buying unaffordable luxurious things that I only keep in a closet. 

    This painting is titled ‘Instinct’If you see my high heels on a leash, you may think a dog should be there instead.It actually represents my desire for beauty that is motivated by my instinct of wanting to look taller which is a measure of beauty in today’s society. Even today, I’m wearing high heels that I made for myself.How does it look?!

    Just as horses like carrots, Women like high heels and hand bags. 

    This painting is titled ‘The Weight of Time, age 27’This is me lifting weights that actually represents the weight of my life. 

    Even during house chores, I want to look beautiful.

    Riding a motorcycle? No exceptions.

    This painting is titled ‘Ahcha’.The title comes from a Chinese character; ‘Ah’ means ‘myself’,’Cha’ means ‘lack of something’ It simply means ‘oops’ in Korean.This painting reveals that I’m not perfect and experience ‘Acha’ mo ments. My ‘Acha’moment here is spilling expensive coffee over my luxurious hand bag all while eating a dollar instant noodle.This painting was my early work loved by many people. 

    Here’s another Ah-cha moment. I love shopping! Sometimes, I say, “oops!” after shopping. “Why did I buy so much?”My impulsive shopping is definitely one of my biggest Acha moments. 

    The next one is titled “Get set ready”In a typical Korean billiard room, you will see many posters of sexy women on the wall.But where there is a feigning girl, you will see posters of men with six packs. This painting was actually purchased by a famous Korean actor.

    I’ve decided to shoot a video clip with Arirang TV because they aim to broadcast Korean culture while following up with the most current trends especially among young generation. This clip shows how I work on my art, while wearing HanBok I wanted to show you that my art work is based on my own experience.

    As you saw in the video clip, I paint from my own experiences. This work is called ‘Shall We Dance’ and I actually learned rock climbing to complete this artwork. So, I paint confessional self-portrait of women living their daily life wearing Hanbok

    I used two different expressive techniques in one painting, like using traditional materials called ‘Hanji while using the collage technique of Western paintings.

    First, I draw the character in nude. And I collage ‘Hanji’ over the character as if I am dressing a doll with clothes one by one.I chose to use the collage technique using Korean paper ‘Hanji’ because I thought its texture fits with the crisp feeling of hanbok.An ink and wash technique is a Korean traditional technique that was used for skirt part of the Hanbok. When expressing the character, I combine the two very different techniques which is almost never used together. 

    I have a dream. I’ve been practicing art now for 20 years and more specifically Korean painting for 10 years, and naturally, I’ve grown more attached to it. And my dream is our society where art becomes a fun part of an everyday life, just like singing karaoke with our friends regardless of how well we sing. 

    In efforts of making my dream come true, I communicate with my followers on the social network constantly. Naturally I have gained over a hundred thousand followers.Please follow me if you are a user too! 

    On the basis of social network, I want to create a new genre called ‘social drawing’. A work of art can be created through social networks, as the artist and the public exchange their ideas, debate over a particular art work and even complete it together.This culd be an extension of participatory art, and it also could be an opportunity for people to own the same art work. It would be great if ‘social drawing’ becomes an ignition to increase interest awareness in art, and hopefully, it offers an easy access to people to experience art indirectly over SNS. As an artist, I will not give up on the challenge until I accomplish something that I can pass down to the next generation. Through “social drawing” I dream of being a trailblazer for the K-wave in art. When you think of K-wave, you usually think of K-pop.but Korean art can also be a great content of the big k-wave.

    In order for me to achieve my dream, I have also been holding exhibitions of my artwork. I had my private exhibition ‘Feigning Olympics’ in Insa-dong in June, two thousand fourteen. I have challenged to make ‘Feigning Olympics’to be expressed in 3 dimensional works or video recordings, and I also tried cutting-edge techniq use such as using 3D printersLuckily, It has reached a record number of visitorssince the Gallery has been opened. 

    It was an honor to have this opportunity to share my work with you! Thank you for your attention and I wish you all a wonderful new year. Thank you again!! 

    고상하고 비밀스러운 한복을 입고 
    일상적인 행동들을 하고 있는 
    여인의 장면을 포착하고 있습니다. 
    인물을 누드로 표현한 후 
    서양의 콜라주와 동양의 수묵담채 기법을 
    이용하여 독특한 대비성을 주었습니다. 
    상의 부분에 직접 염색한 한지를 붙여 
    한복의 서걱거리는 질감과 
    하의 부분의 치마는 먹을 이용하여 
    반투명하게 그려내 몸의 라인을 
    비치게 드러냄으로 
    ‘그 속이 훤히 들여다보인다.’ 
    는 메시지를 담고 있습니다.

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  • [Sebasi, 15min. Lecture to change the world] CBS Studio, Seoul, Korea

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    [Sebasi, 15min. Lecture to change the world] CBS Studio, Seoul, Korea



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