Swag or Die : I am reliant on you.


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Content Swag or Die : I am reliant on you.
Korean 폼생폼사 : 나는 니가 필요해
Chinese 生要体面,死要体面 : 我需要你
Size 131 × 194 cm
Year 2014
수량 수량증가수량감소


한지 위에 수묵담채, 콜라쥬
Color and collage on Korean paper
紙本淡彩, 拼贴艺术

개인결제창을 통한 결제 시 네이버 마일리지 적립 및 사용이 가능합니다.


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Swag or Die : I am reliant on you. 수량증가 수량감소 2014 (  0)
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< 폼생폼사 : 나는 니가 필요해 / Swag or Die : I am reliant on you. / 生要体面,死要体面 : 我需要你 >






한지 위에 수묵담채, 콜라쥬

Painting with Korea traditional ink, color and collage on Traditional Asian paper

131 x 194cm, 2014


순정녀에게 삼발이가 필요하듯
우리는 누군가를 필요로 하고,
그만큼 누군가에게
필요한 존재가 되고 싶어 한다.
목적이 있는 관계가 아닌,
단지 그 존재 자체로 마음 든든하고
위안이 되는 사람.
나는 네가 필요해.


- 작가노트 中 -

안녕하세요. 한국화가 김현정 입니다.

오늘은 < 폼생폼사 : 나는 니가 필요해 > 을 포스팅 합니다.


힘이 들고 누군가에게 위로를 받고 싶은 날

친구를 만나 수다를 나누며 

오늘 하루의 피로를 풀어 버립니다.

수다는 신비한 묘약이 있는것 처럼

그 시간만큼은 날아다니는 깃털처럼 

제 몸은 가벼워집니다.

오늘 하루 여러분은 어떻게 지내셨는지요?

일이 막히고 잘 안풀릴때는

생각나는 친구에게 연락을 해 보는것은 어떠신지요?

친구를 만난다는 자체만으로도

기운이 납니다.


[내숭 영화관] _ 본 작업이 나오는 영상자료입니다.

2014  EBS ㅣ뉴스G (2014/10/08)

[내숭 도서관] _ 본 작업이 수록된 책자입니다.

2014 [월간전시가이드] 97호ㅣ전시소개

2015  [우정사업본부 디지털포스트] 5월호ㅣ더할수록 투명해지는 매력에 빠지다 한국화가 김현정

2016 [한일시멘트] 신년호ㅣ세움


한복이 주는 고상함과 비밀스러움에 착안하여 한복을 입고 격식을 차리지 않은 일상적인 모습들을 담고 있습니다.

저는 인물을 누드로 표현한 후 한복을 입히는 과정을 거치는 데요,

반투명한 한복은 '그 속이 훤히 들여다 보인다.'는 메세지를 담고 있습니다.

한복을 반투명하게 표현하기 위해 직접 얇은 한지를 염색을 한 후 콜라쥬를 합니다.

 Swag or Die : I am reliant on you.

We need someone, and we want to become meaningful in someone’s life as well just like a naïve lady needs a trivet. Someone who makes me feel reassured and comfortable with his presence alone, rather than a mere relationship with a purpose.

 I need you. When I want to be comforted by someone because I had such a rough day, I have a chat with my friends to relieve fatigue of the day.

Having a chat makes my body as light as a flying feather which makes me wonder the mysterious power of it as if it were a magical portion. How was your day?

 Why don’t you give a call to your friends if the work is not going well and you are stressed out? Meeting your friends alone would make you feel better.

 Story of Coy

Story of Coy shows informal everyday life with figures wearing Hanbok, which is Korean traditional clothes, based on the elegant and secret characteristic of Hanbok.

I draw the figure in the nude at first, and go through the step of dressing the figure in Hanbok. This Hanbok is translucent to deliver the message that ‘one can see what is underneath the dress’.

I dye thin Hanji, which is traditional Korean paper, in person to express Hanbok in a translucent way, and to make a collage.


 Arirang TV

This work was recreated into a unique CF image through the collaboration with Arirang TV (CEO Bang Suk Ho, www.arirang.co.kr) which leads the business of international exchange cooperation in broadcast.

My drawing was made into a vividly moving image in screen, and caught people’s eyes. This special image created through the collaboration with Arirang TV is broadcast on television around the world dozen times a day.

The image was disclosed to the public on April 6th, 2015. “Flutter” is a work based on my own experience in everyday life. I love to listen to music. I become stabilized emotionally, and can get intense energy when I listen to music.

As soon as I put on earphones while walking down the streets, I feel like I am in a different world, and I begin to take every step as if I were a main character in a movie.

Have you ever had this kind of profound feeling as if you were in a world of fantasy when you listen to music?


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